Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Hello Guys

Liking my new author's site. Decided to keep it simple, manageable, and easy on the eyes. Those that have followed me on my other two sites, I greatly thank you and hope you find this, my author's site, welcoming. Will be phasing out the Redemptive Rhymes site by end of August; however can still see some poems of current book progress there. Will phase out Why Not Rhymes by end of January next year; check back on decision of where I will take my work on that site. For now, my goal is to have one author site. Will do my best not to let you all down that are used to seeing my posted rhyming poetry by occasitonally posting poems here; some will be published and some want. Your welcome to check out my site, will improve in time. Stay tuned and HAPPY RHYMING!

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