Sunday, June 28, 2020

New My Form, Tervillazanelle Poem

It's Not My Place

Sometimes in life burdens can be misplace
Especially when emotions involved
But, in time one learns it's not my place

As one takes on the challenge to embrace
What seems something one has resolved
But, sometimes in life burdens are misplace

Although one approaches this thing with grace
To the struggle one has dissolved
As in time one learns it's not my place

Resolution in question not mine to give
In letting go this place I stayed
It being the other's burden to live

As one not being selfish, nor betrayed
Realizing this place the other's adheres
To my emotions moving on unafraid

As one that's brought to awareness in tears
Knowing in life burdens can be misplace
Evaluating this place pushing back fears
I've come to learn it's not my place
   ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Sometimes we stay in a place for a while trying to resolve an issue that place created due our emotional tie to the situation. I guest thinking eventually, if staying there long enough it will resolve itself. But, often this doesn't happen and in staying one can be missing out or harming oneself in the process of trying to hang on to an emotional situation that may never resolve. I know I am guilty of this. But, have learned even though it's sometimes hard to move on from this very emotional place, it can become a burden that may not even be yours', but the other person's place to resolve. 

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Previous "My Form Created" Poem

 Remember this poem-Last one guys from Previous "My Form Created" Poems!

Generational Misconception

Not your generation, brings objection
For misunderstanding does set in
In generational misconception

We need to see upon it's conception
Before the attitude does begin
As your generation brings objection

When not your age, hard to give affection
Bringing great misunderstanding therein
Due generational misconception

Often a generation thinks theirs the best
No thought of human a consideration
Even when one's feelings is stressed

To one receiving this treatment, frustration
Due misunderstanding of one's being
Because one not of that generation

Age gaps can promote disagreeing
To your generation, there's objection
Awareness to this revealing
In this generational misconception
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: We all are born, become children, mature to young adults, age to middle age, and grow old. Everyone goes through this generatioanl process. Sometimes we forget how it was being in a certain genration or not realizing one day we will be in that generation and tend to treat a person in a genaration different than our own badly. And we tend to accept certain actions from one that is younger than one older. Sure one older should be wiser, but additionally certain physical attributes do break down. And due a consistantly changing world perspectives change as well. Wise is the one that considers these things in treatment of others in a world of genrational misconceptions. 

Monday, June 22, 2020

Previous "My Form Created" Poem

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Already Lost It!

It's something some people try hard to get
In gain it can make one feel good
If you have to ask, you've already lost it!

One's actions to this one want admit
But to this it must be very understood
It's something some people try hard to get

Non-material in gain it does transmit
One does earn it, no demands, as one should
If you have to ask, you've already lost it!

It can reflect your inner most being
To this one needs to be aware
Then know easy it becomes in seeing

When one understands to this to declare
Gone hard for one to see you as before
With before gone, not easy to repair

As one fights really hard to restore
It's something some people try hard to get
Of respect one wonders if it's therefore
If you have to ask, you've already lost it!
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: This thought is simple, yet can be complex; as well. Respect is earned, not something one can demand. Most times one's actions is what gains respect and this action comes from within. One must learn to respect your own actions toward's others in receiving gained respect; thus, these actions need reflect respect. And, if  you have to ask someone if you have their respect, you've probably already lost it!

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Previous "My Form Created" Poem

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You Don't Get Over, You Just Get On

When in life someone special is gone
It can be hard, the getting pass
But you don't get over, you just get on

To tears and moaning you are drawn
As you thought the us to this outlasts
When in life someone special is gone

For on your sleeve your emotions upon
To this you feel at an impasse
But you don't get over, you just get on

Hoping the memory does fade
Then recalling the good of one there
Being thankful the thoughts to have stayed

Even thou one gone has left great despair
You learn to deal in life this way
In knowing precious yawl's time declare

No need to the lose to feel dismay
When in life someone special is gone
Even when your thoughts of one does replay
As you don't get over, you just get on
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: In life we lose people; rather, family members or friends. Rather, a death, a moving away, or a breakup. Many may ask "How do you get over the lose of someone so special to you?" . I know many times in my life I have ask myself this very question. Even thou hard, especially when there are good memories of time spent together, one has to some how rebound. The memories can sometimes help one get though.  I've learned, you never really get over, you just learn to get on. 

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Previous "My Form Created" Poem

Remember This Poem

A True Friend Doesn't Give Up

Sometimes relationships don't measure up
No matter how much one protest your love
Being a true friend means you don't give up

Even when it involves a breakup
Words had been spoken unkind thereof
Sometimes relationships don't measure up

In resolve even to this try not letup
Placing that person's well-fare above
Being a true friend means you don't give up

Although to some it may seem your a fool
Or maybe just crazy thinking of one
In being friendly to one that's been cruel

Takes more strength no matter what's done
Being consistent in showing you care
As one over self when friendship is none

So even thou, the one may never declare
Sometimes relationships don't measure up
At least to your intentions made aware
Being a true friend means you don't give up
     ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Friendships don't always work out; at least, not right away. Sometimes it takes at least one being faithful and committed in developing a good relationship. Even when others looking in may think your being a fool or crazy just because they may not be a good nor committed person in being a true friend. Bottom line, no matter what others may think nor how hard it may be for you, true friends don't give up.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Previous "My Form Created' Poem

Remember This Poem

A Choice, Not A Luxury

Those liking doing nothing want admit
To this be more comfort than progress
As a choice, not a luxury to sit

For with some doing something to commit
Often brings to them nothing but stress
Those liking doing nothing want admit

Especially if hard they often quit
They'd rather sit around and be depress
As a choice, not a luxury to sit

To many the though of doing something
Does not luxury to them seem to be
As energy then becomes a thing

In choosing to move one can agree
The pleasure of accomplishment maintains
Doing something gives comfort in glee

As sitting around doing nothing constrains
Those liking doing nothing want admit
Preventing one pleasures in gains
As a choice, not a luxury to sit
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Many times it seems to be able to sit around, basically doing nothing, to be a luxury. I have often thought this myself. But, is it really a luxury or laziness? Really, what gets accomplished by just sitting around? It seems more of a luxury, mentally at least, to be able to get something done. Isn't comfort the forefront of luxury? I would feel more comfortable to know I did something rather than sitting around getting nothing done. That would be my choice, anyway. Thank about it and try doing something!

Monday, June 8, 2020

Third Poem From "Words of Inspiration"

A Second Chance

Man's evil God saw at a glance 
But to this one had found His grace
Where to all men given a second chance

God grieved His creation in this place
As wickedness man's heart displayed
But God plan a salvation to embrace 

For His few chosen to not be afraid
When to His regret flood waters ascend
As two-by-two in the ark they stayed

For 40 days for others the waters condemned
To the few righteous safety He gave
A future on them humanity did depend

Then to this God remembered and did save
As land appeared gave command to grow
In the new land man's domain made brave

A covenant displayed of a rainbow
Although man's evil God saw at a glance
Humanity He saved this place bestow
Where to all men given a second chance
   ©Doris Elaine

Inspiration: Book of Genesis, Chapters 6:1-9:15. Key Verses 6:5-8 "Then the Lord saw the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And the Lord was sorry He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart. So the Lord said, 'I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth, both man and beast, creeping thing and birds of the air, for I am sorry that I have made them'. But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord" (NKJV). Verses 6:17-18 "And behold, I myself am bringing floodwaters on the earth, to destroy from under heaven all flesh in which is the breath of life; everything that is on the earth shall die. But I will establish My covenant with you, and you shall go into the ark-you, your sons, your wife, and your son's wife with you.  (NKJV).Verse 8:1 "Then God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the animals that where in the ark. And God made a wind pass over the earth, and the waters subsided (NKJV). Verse 8:6 "So it came to pass, at the end of forty days, Noah opened the window of the ark which he had made" (NKJV). Verses 8: 15-17 "Then God spoke to Noah, saying, 'Go out of the ark, you and your wife, and your sons and your son's wives with you. Bring out every living thing of all flesh that is with you: birds and cattle and every creeping thing that creeps on the earth, so that they may abound on earth, and be fruitful and multiply on the earth'" (NKJV). Verses 9: 12-15 "And God said: 'This is the sign of the covenant which I make between Me and you, and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations: I set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be for the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth. It shall be, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the rainbow shall be seen in the cloud;  will remember My covenant which is between Me and you and every living creature of all flesh; the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh" (NKJV). 

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Second Poem from "Words of Inspiration"

Learned Temptation

From the womb to the ground we now return
When to the serpent we was deceived
As in temptation we fell and did learn

Now to this our struggle we did earn
For our creator was greatly aggrieved
From the womb to the ground we now return

As paradise He gave us we overturn
Eyes opened to knowledge we now received
As in temptation we fell and did learn

This our history with Him concern
As to the other our choice perceived
From the womb to the ground we now return

Bruised in mind we must now stand stern
So foot to heal our walk be achieved
As in temptation we fell and did learn

For now with knowledge we must discern
To whom our alliance be reprieved
From the womb to the grown we now return
As in temptation we fell and did learn
   ©Doris Elaine

Inspiration: Book of Genesis, Chapter 3, Key Verses 4-7"Then the serpent said to the woman, 'you shall not surely die. For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil'. So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree desirable to make one wise, she took of it's fruit and ate. She also gave to her husband, and he ate. Then the eyes of both of them where opened, they knew they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together and made them coverings" (NKJV). & 11 "And He said, 'Who told you that you are naked? Have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you that you should not eat?'" (NKJV). Personal comment: In reading on you will see in answering God, the woman blamed the serpent, the man blamed the woman and the Lord punished all three; ending with the man. Verse 17b-19 "Cursed is the ground for your sake; In toil you shall eat of it All the days of your life. Both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you, And you shall eat the herb of the field. In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread Till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; For dust you are, And to dust you shall return" (NKJV). 

Thursday, June 4, 2020

First Poem From "Words of Inspiration"

A Wonderful Place

To be here we live in His grace
For us this He made for our comfort
In the beginning a wonderful place

As with light the void He did embrace
Giving it all in six days His effort
For to be here we live in His grace

Making our welfare as His to face
In His breath to our life He exhort
In the beginning a wonderful place

Teaming with life to abundance He made
A garden beautiful to man's amaze
Out of part of man brought woman to aid

In this He saw promise as He praise
How wonderfully beautiful His creation
He gave to man to live out his days

Comfort to man was the foundation
As to be here we live in His grace
For to God what He saw was elation
In the beginning a wonderful place 
   ©Doris Elaine

Inspiration: Book of Genesis, Chapters 1-2, Key Verses 1:31 “Then God saw everything He had made, and indeed it was very good. So the evening and the morning were the sixth day" (NKJV). 2:18 “And the Lord God said, ‘It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him’” (NKJV). 

Previous "My Form Created" Poem

Remember This Poem!

To Each Their Own

Sometimes we hear put down from others
That be better in their country
As comparisons made of another's

When to our country others enters
Crisis breakout they talk abruptly
Sometimes we hear put down from others

To their own countries their cultures
Strength & weakness seeing displayed bluntly
As comparisons made of another's

There's no comparison one to another
For each country splendor it's own
No matter, here be as to rather

As drawn to here something made known
In pretense of better than there
But in the difference now some moan

In times of hard becoming aware
Sometimes we hear put down from others
For as known their own they declare
As comparisons made of another's
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Living in United States and working  a customer service job where seeing people from all over the world I hear much. In addition work for people originating from another county. There is much talk about comparison of the Coronavirus outbreak and recovery as to how much better a county compared to another due these statistics. Which, to me, is just simply ridiculous. So, if better, something brought you here-to another country-or you wouldn't here. Many moan, complain, and compare once settled in another country; especially when a crisis happens. Again, it's ridiculous. Each country has it's own splendor, strengths, and weaknesses; one no better than the other, to each their own. 

New Blog Format

As you all can see, this site is re-formatted and is now a writing blog for current rhyming book project(s). Will be periodically posting poems to be included in book. Also, occasionally will blog some rhyming poetry thoughts. First will over the course of next few weeks re-post poems that was under the previous  "My Form Created" tab. Happy Rhyming!

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

I'm Keeping It!

Hey Guys,
Decided to keep Redemptive Rhymes as my Writing Blog site of current Christian writing projects. Want be as active as have been in the past, but you will be able to catch some of my poems to be in current book project. Will leave the first three that where inspired out of Genesis; but in future will only be one, maybe two out of each book of the Bible. Just couldn't let go of Redemptive Rhymes as has been a big part of my life. Happy Reading!

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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New "My Form Created" Poem

New Poem "Generational Misconception", find under "My Form Created" tab.